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Creating a VIsual Studio C++ Project with IC Imaging Control - Knowledgebase / Programming - The Imaging Source Helpdesk

Creating a VIsual Studio C++ Project with IC Imaging Control

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1.  Create the Project, e.g. MFC, or Console in Visual Studio.

Click on "File" , "New", "Project" and choose a C++ Project. 

2.  Set the Output directory
The output directory, where the executable is copied to, should be the IC Imaging Control  3.5 directory in the "Documents" folder. During installation of IC Imaging Control 3.5 and environment variable IC35PATH is created. It points "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\IC Imaging Control 3.5\" In there is the the subdirectory "classlib" with  platform and configuration  subfolders.  This should be used, because there are the libs and binary DLLs, we need.

Open the project properties. I suggest to choose at "Configuration" "All Configurations" and at "Platform" "All Platforms". This selection is available only, if there is more than one platform, e.g Win32 and x64.

Under "Configuration Properties" choose "General" and set "Output Directory" to "


(Image still from IC 3.4)

3. Add additional include directory;

Now click on "C/C++" in the "Configuration Properties" and add "$(IC35Path)classlib\include" to "Additional Include Directories":

(Image still from IC 3.4)

4. Add Additional Link directory

The library file of IC Imaging Control is in the Documents path above, in particular in the output directory we use.

Click on "Linker" in "Configuration Properties" and  add "$(TargetDir)" at "Additional Library Directories":

In the source code only the "tisudshl.h" must be included and the project is ready for compile and link.

The IC Imaging Control 3.5 Project Wizards do this automatically.

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